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Assembly Conducts its Annual Renewal of Obligations

February 27, 2024

At its Monthly Assembly Meeting, Sir Knight Peter Sikora officiated the Renewal of Obligations for the Officers of the Assembly. The annual event is usually presided by the Distract Master. However, he was not able to attend.

In his stead, was to be the District Deputy and Faithful Navigator, Tom Scherch, but he was sick and unable to attend. Sir Knight Sikora was an exceptional substitute for the absent presiding officers.

The officers of the Assembly took their respective places as they formed a Cross. Added to the Cross was an arc, made up of the attending Assembly members; transforming the Cross into an Anchor. The Cross representing the Cross of Christ and the arc representing the Rainbow: a sign of the covenant that God would never send the flood again.

The Assembly was well-represented at the event, but the Faithful Navigator was sorely missed.

Photos provided by Mardelle Wehby, Photographer and Council Historian.


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