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Business Meeting Minutes - August 2023

Knights of Columbus Council 7399

Business (General) Meeting

August 10, 2023

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are posted on the Council website for all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Joel Kendrick

The Knights of Columbus Council 7399 Monthly Meeting on Thursday August 10, 2023 was held at St. Catherine’s Church in the Knight’s Room of the Family Life Center, Orange Park, FL.

Grand Knight Lou Manz called the meeting to order at 7:00pm; Opening Prayer by Father Andy-Chaplain, followed by Pledge of Allegiance.

Grand Knight reminded all attendees of meeting protocol.

Approval of July 2023 Business Meeting

No corrections or additions. Minutes approved unanimously.

Chaplain's Report

Noon Mass, August 13 2023 will be dedicated to Father McGivney

Would like 3 processions per year after Saturday Masses, first one in honor of the Virgin Mary. Details to follow.

Would like to have a fundraising campaign for a new altar to accept a first degree relic in time for 2025, the 55th anniversary of the Parish; and have the Bishop consecrate the new altar. Estimates $22K would be necessary for the project.

Would like to have one Mass per month with Knights present.

Supports Grand Knight's intention of a Rosary before 5:00 and 8:00 AM Masses, beginning the First Sunday of Advent.

Supports Grand Knight's intention of honoring all deceased Knights at the All Souls' Mass.

Chaplain has hired a professional cleaning service for $900/month. Asking the Knights to help with 30% of the cost. Weekly cleaning. Grand Knight reassured the Chaplain that the Knights have included the 30% in its budget.

Chaplain wishes to host Pre-Cana classes twice a year.

Grand Knight's Report

Grand Knight intends on meeting with Father Andy on Fridays, prior to the monthly business meeting to communicate initiatives planned by the Knights to ensure they are meeting the needs of the Parish; and to get an understanding of Father's initiatives.

Encourages Knights to attend the Noon Mass to honor Father McGivney

Will begin "live" exemplifications. Knight Peter Sikora has agreed to lead the Degree Team. Grand Knight and Financial Secretary David Counts will assist and advise the team leader. Ideally would like two third-degree Knights to also assist. The first "live" exemplification will be on August 17th; and will be held quarterly. (editor's note: Since the meeting, it has been determined that the first "live" degree will be held in September.

We will be looking to support the Drive for Life. We are investigating to see if an ultrasound machine is needed locally, otherwise the money budgeted can be used for pregnancy support services. 8 centers that have machines had nearly 650 choices by mothers to keep their babies. (81 lives per machine have been saved).

We will celebrate Life at the Feast of the Annunciation on March 25th.

We will celebrate the Year of the Family beginning in the new Fraternal Year. June will be the Month of the Family.

We will be conducting Family Prayer nights on Wednesdays preceding a family oriented holiday such as Mother's day, Father's Day. To be held in Adoration Chapel.

We would like to restore Family Movie Nights

We will continue to support Seminarians.

We intend on restarting Family Vocations Chalice

We will restart Tootise Roll Drive

We will be conducting a Mass and reception luncheon for persons with disabilities. We will need a Knight to chair that event.

Field Agent Dan Costello and his wife will be the Chair of the Challenge Enterprises Dance.

We would like to increase the interest in the Rosary through Rosary Initiatives. First initiative is to say the Rosary 30 minutes prior to each Knights Meeting. Hopefully in the Adoration Chapel. Also, would like to encourage all Knights to participate in Patriotic Rosaries.

The Grand Knight would like to encourage interaction with other Ethnic Ministries.

We will resume the Quarterly Breakfasts, which will be chaired by Past Grand Knight Jay Heather, also we will be hosting first the Souper Suppers during Lenten Season.

We will continue to do the School Supplies Drive, Grand Knight delivered them this week with gratitude from Principals and made inroads to conduct the Free Throw Contests through their gym classes.

Grand Knight reminded everyone of the website Also the Council has a Facebook Page. Asked Facebook participants to Like and Follow.

Grand Knight encourages advancement in 3rd and 4th degrees.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Vincent Gambone reports checking account had a balance as on July 31 of $2,791.72.

The Money Market Account had a balance of $3,094.67.

Charity Account $13,049.46.

Bingo Account $9,178.13.

Financial Secretary Report

We will have 205 members in the council, soon to be 206 (paperwork being processed). Grand Knight looking for Membership Director. (editor's note: After the meeting Tony Claro offered to take the Membership Director position.

Trustee Report

Trustees were not able to attend this meeting, however they did provide report to Grand Knight. Grand Knight states the audit will be completed in time for the August 15 deadline.

Family Program Director Report

Grand Knight has asked Deacon Larry to be Family Program Director. Deacon has not yet rendered a decision, however, encourages Knights to explore SOS (Saving Our Sick) Program and perhaps organize a program presentation to the Knights.

Community Program Director Report

Dan Costello was not able to attend this meeting.

Life Program Director Report

David Coughlin reports the Womens' Health Center is the only Catholic centric crisis pregnancy center in Northeast Florida are having their annual gala fundraiser September 26. We would like to explore having one or two Knights table at the event.

BINGO Committee Report

Gary Koch reports next BINGO on August 18. Last night was slower than normal, possibly because of the heat.

Faithful Navigator Report

Tom Scherch reports the Chalice Transfer, referred to earlier in the minutes, has historically been transferred in a 4th Degree Procession in the Mass to a Neighborhood Committee each month.

Regarding the Ultrasound machine, the Faithful Navigator suggests that even if a machine is not needed locally, the Chapter may wish to contribute to one in another part of the State as potentially saving a life is good no matter where the machine is based. The Grand Knight added that he and the Life Program Director will listen to input from the Diocese as to where the money is best spent, including for a machine out of town.

District Deputy Report

Tom Scherch reiterated that the Audit is nearing completion.

Mentioned some upcoming events:

1) Soccer Challenge--2nd week of October

2)Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest--but if local Council is interested-

everything must be turned in during December.

3)Poster Contest-Keep Christ in Christmas-due by first week in December.

Grand Knight states he did look in to participating in the Soccer Challenge but is hard pressed to find enough schools with soccer nets. (editor's note: Gary Koch reported that the Council is in possession of soccer nets in the trailer.)

Whenever a Program is completed by the Council a Form 1078-4 needs to be completed for the Council to receive credit.

Grand Knight and the Program Director must become Safe Environment Certified. Currently Dan Costello and Gary Koch are the only Knights Certified.

The Grand Knight is following up on the link to the Safe Environment Program.

Old Business

Joel D Kendrick asked the Council to provide support to transport Parishioner Mark Struhar from a Rehabilitation Center in Middleburg to a weekend Mass at St. Catherine's--at least on a monthly basis. Kendrick is exploring a few alternatives to the $140 round trip charge that is currently on the table. Will report back in September.

Grand Knight asked Trustees to do a wellness check with Knights whose emails are bouncing back.

Grand Knight announces the postponement of the Community Yard Sale and Picnic to Saturday, August 19. Looking for volunteers.

New Business

Grand Knight received thank you letters for delivering approximately 600 pounds of school supplies.

Grand Knight submitted reimbursements for cost of website, card stock.

Grand Knight reviewed in summary form the lines in the proposed budget.

Financial Secretary motioned to table the Budget for vote at the next Business Meeting. Motion passed unanimously. (editor's note: It is proper protocol to provide the membership plenty of time to review before the vote.)

Good of the Order

Grand Knight acknowledges the Ramirez Family as the July Family of the Month.

The August Family of the Month Kevin and Trisha Tate

The Knight of the Month for July is Joel D Kendrick

The August Knight of the Month to be announced at the September Social.

Dan Wehby asks for prayers for Tom Bock at Moosehaven "feeling rough"

Grand Knight Summary

Grand Knight encourages all to attend the Noon Mass honoring Father McGivney

Encourages all Knights who remain at their first or second degree to pursue their 3rd Degree and 3rd Degree Knights to make their 4th Degree.

Thanked Mardelle Wehby for help with the website.

Please pay outstanding dues


Chaplain led prayer in Canonization of Father McGivney.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:13.

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