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Business Meeting Minutes - September 2023

Knights of Columbus Council 7399

Business (General) Meeting

September 14, 2023

Note: Minutes of our Business Meetings are posted on the Council website for all members of the council for review and comment. The minutes will not be read at the next regular meeting unless requested by a member. Please direct all corrections and additions to Joel Kendrick

The Knights of Columbus Council 7399 Monthly Meeting on Thursday September 14, 2023 was held at St. Catherine’s Church in the Knight’s Room of the Family Life Center, Orange Park, FL.

The meeting was called to order by Grand Knight Louis Manz at 7:00 PM. The Opening Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance were led by Chaplain and the Grand Knight, respectively.

Approval of August 2023 Business Meeting

No corrections or additions. Minutes approved unanimously.

Chaplain's Report

1) Father Mitera encouraged Knights to attend the Living Rosary on October 7 after the 5:00 Mass.

Grand Knight's Report

Asked for prayers for Brother Gary Koch

Asked for assistance in setting up for BINGO to be help on September 15.

Appreciated the turnout at the Family Prayer Night honoring Grandparents Day in the Chapel.

Encouraged Knights to signup for a Holy Hour in the Chapel.

Announced Future Family Prayer Nights in honor of Siblings Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day.

Thanked Brother Jay and Brother Dan for their coordination of the Quarterly Breakfast.

Thanked everyone for attending the Patriotic Rosary on September 11. Also Brother Jay tied the events of September 11 with the opening of the Church.

Expressed appreciation for the Pastor’s involvement in the Council.

Congratulated 2 Knights for moving to the Third Degree, and 2 to the Fourth Degree.

The Council will be participating in the COR Program.

Announced Operation Homecoming on Sept 16 to welcome Honor Flight at JIA. Encouraged Participation.

Needs 2 people to co-chair the Tootsie Roll Drive

The Rosary Initiative will begin ½ hour prior to the 5:00 and 8:00 Masses. Beginning in the Advent Season. Seeking more Volunteers to lead the Rosary at these Masses.

Need to have a minimum 2 Membership Drives. Will coordinate soon.

Need to set aside a couple of Social Nights for Benefit Nights.

Parish Council will be meeting regarding a Halloween Party.

Facebook Page and website is regularly being updated

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer was absent, however Financial Secretary Dave Counts provided the information on the bank accounts:

Council Account Balance=$2165.31.

Charity Account Balance=$15,264.65.

BINGO Account Balance=$8,760.50.

The Treasurer will transfer $1500 from the BINGO account to the Council Account. Then a check in the amount of $4500 will be written out of the Council Account for the benefit of the Parish.

Financial Secretary Report

Financial Secretary Dave Counts reported that the Council is doing well getting dues collected. Will be notifying the Trustees on Members who have not sent their dues in.

Has application for a new member. The Application was approved unanimously by the Council.

Trustee Report

Brother Jay Heather reports:

The Audit has been completed and the Council passed. During the audit the Trustees learned of improved processes that will help especially the Financial Secretary.

Also expressed appreciation for all who helped at the Quarterly Breakfast.

Family Program Director Report

Family Program Director Ryan Ramirez was absent.

Saturday Harvest Food Run struggling with restaurant participation.

Community Program Director Report

Community Program Director Dan Costello is coordinating soccer and free throw events.

Also Working on the Challenge Enterprise Dance / Fundraiser Event. Date to be announced.

Grand Knight plans to arrange a Mass for Persons with Disabilities. Perhaps same weekend as Fundraiser Event.

Life Program Director Report

Life Program Director Dave Coughlin purchased 6 seats for Women’s Help Center Gala Event.

Grand Knight spoke of 40 Days for Life Beginning September 27. Also, the there will be a Holiday Drive for St Gerard House.

ASAP will pay the council $100 for every $500 the Council invests in a Help Center.

BINGO Committee Report

Brother Wehby reports B Team on duty for September 15. $379 raised on 50/50 prior session.

Field Agent Report

Field Agent Dan Costello states 2 Benefit nights are required due to size of Council.

Faithful Navigator Report

Faithful Navigator Tom Scherch states there will be a Virtual Benefit Night on October 26.

District Deputy Report

Most Holy Redeemer Knights Council would like to participate in the UltraSound Machine Purchase.

Council has to have members come forward to qualify in SAFE Environment. (required to protect children at events. Grand Knight expressed frustration trying to get link for training.

Old Business

Motion made to approve Budget. The motion passed unanimously.

New Business

Regarding Mark Struhar Transportation to St. Catherine’s. Joel D Kendrick reported he has reached a dead end with the Rehabilitation Center. Also finding a more cost effective method than the $140 round trip.

Good of the Order

September Knight of Month is Captain Bill Kennedy

September Family of the Month is the Ramirez Family


Chaplain led prayer in Canonization of Father McGivney.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:05.

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