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Cliff Plante & Chris Hutter named Co-Knight of the Month for January 2024

January 25, 2024

After the death of our brother Gary Koch, a tremendous void was left in our Council. Not only had Gary been an Officer of the Council, he was a critical person keeping the Bingo teams coordinated and integrated with the gears of the Council.

Over the last few months before Gary's passing, he took a step back and allowed Clifford Plante and Christopher Hutter to take greater responsibility for his efforts and Gary took more of an advisory role. Perhaps Gary knew that his time was short and wanted to leave the Bingo in the hands of capable brothers.

After Gary's passing, Cliff and Chris volunteered to be Co-Chairs of the Council's Bingo. Since then, the Bingo has not missed a beat. These gentlemen are ever present at the Bingos; working hand-in-hand with the dedicated volunteers who keep the Bingo moving.

Chris is the Warden of the Council and has responsibility for all of the Council's paraphernalia, setting up before meetings and restoring order to the Knights Room after our meetings.

Cliff is the Council's Two-Year Trustee. Trustees serve a three-year term. He will have one more year starting in July.

Both men are members of the team that conducts the Council's Exemplifications of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. Congratulations to Cliff and Chris, Co-Knights of the Month for January.

Photos by Mardelle Wehby, Council Photographer and Historian


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