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Columbus Day Patriotic Rosary

On Columbus Day, October 9, the St. Catherine of Siena Assembly conducted a patriotic Rosary. During opening remarks, the Color Corps Commander and Presiding Officer recognized Columbus as a great explorer and the namesake of Our Honored Order. He went on to explain that in a popular myth, Columbus is the very symbol of European greed and genocidal imperialism. In reality, he was a dedicated Christian concerned first and foremost with serving God and his fellow man.

The Color Corps was present for the evening of prayer and reflection, but due to the heat, was not in regalia.

Our next Patriotic Rosaries will be on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11 after the 5:00 pm Mass, celebrating our veterans, and on Monday, November 20 at 6:30 pm. Due to the early sunset, both events will be held in St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church.

Photos provided by Mardelle Wehby, Council photographer and historian.

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