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Council Assists with Guardian Catholic School Food Distribution

The St. Catherine of Siena Council 7399 participated in the Guardian Catholic School Food Distribution.

On Saturday morning, November 5, needy families began lining up at 5:30 to receive a food distribution at Guardian Catholic School in North Jacksonville. Knights from St. Catherine waited patiently on the truck filled with food from Catholic Charities to arrive, so that it could be unloaded and repackaged for distribution.

Old friendships were renewed as many of the Knights from St. Catherine recognized Sister Cynthia Shaffer of the Sisters of Notre Dame and Principal at Guardian. Richard Zerza, Jay Heather (pictured), Tom Scherch, Chris Hutter, and Lou Manz were among those from St. Catherine, along with members of other councils in the area and men and women from the Knights of Malta.

Photos provided by Lou Manz, Grand Knight.


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