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St. Catherine of Siena Knights of Columbus and Parishioners join Bishop for Pro-Life Message

It's not often that I rant. But, a recent event has given me misgivings about news media bias. On Sunday, as part of the "First Coast" news, television ran a feature about how "Dozens rally for abortion access ahead of November amendment vote." This referred to the few people that marched in support of a proposed amendment, known as Amendment Four that would enshrine abortion in the Florida constitution.

The next day, on the Feast of the Annunciation, Bishop Pohlmeier of the Diocese of St. Augustine celebrated Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and two Rosaries along with eight priests, nuns, seminarians and approximately 400 laity from the diocese, including twenty-five members of the District's Knights of Columbus Color Corps. No television cameras were present. No television coverage to be found anywhere.

I checked the Internet and nowhere was there news coverage of the event, which included the Bishop reverencing the Eucharist in front of the "Women's Choice" abortion clinic.

One would think that this event would be newsworthy. But, nowhere was there a journalist to be found.

Is it just my imagination, or is the local news joining the national news to further agendas contrary to God's laws?

The event was marvelous. It started with the praying of the Joyful Mysteries as hundreds paraded down the street across from the abortuary and then turned and paraded past the facility, as facility "escorts" sporting rainbow-colored umbrellas shielded their "customers" from catching a glimpse of the large group as they approached the clinic. The group was led by the Knights of Columbus Color Corps followed by the Bishop and his entourage of Priests and the laity.

Following the Rosary, the Bishop celebrated Mass for the Feast of the Annunciation; the event which Christ was conceived in the womb of His Mother, Mary.

Following Mass, the group accompanied the Eucharist covered by a tapestry carried by four men. At the entrance to the abortuary, the Bishop turned the Eucharist to the building and all prayed that the Lord God, would grant us...

WISDOM to know that abortion is an intrinsic evil which gravely offends you and merits eternal consequences for us.

FORTITUDE to never procure an abortion, assist someone in procuring an abortion, or promote abortion in any way.

FORGIVENESS for any sins we have concealed for so long which are now hidden from our memory. and

That the Lord God would grant all Florida citizens the resolve to vote NO on Amendment Four, the pro-abortion amendment to "Limit Government Interference with Abortion" and

The Lord God grant Florida's Supreme Court Justices, Governor, and Lawmakers a firm commitment to use their authority to recognize and support the sanctity of Unborn life and the rights of Unborn children, including the right to LIFE.

When the group returned to their seats, the Sorrowful Mysteries were prayed and the Bishop closed with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

Family for Life, on whose grounds the makeshift altar was erected, hosted light refreshments and water.

In attendance were several members of the St. Catherine of Siena Color Corps and several parishioners.

Spread the word! Don't be silenced!


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