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Three New Knights Added at March's Exemplification

March 6, 2024

The Council continues on its journey to add more men, dedicated to the mission of our order to spread, Charity, Unity and Fraternity. On March 6, we added three new members as a result of our Recruiting Drive in January.

The pews included family and friends of the candidates, as well as Brother Knights in attendance.

The candidates who joined our Honored Order included John Moody IV, a high-schooler who comes from a long line of Knights of Columbus. He is, by far, our youngest member. The other two candidates were David Stanley and Curtis Winston.

The Presiding Officer for the exemplification was Lou Manz, Grand Knight.  Degree Team Leader, Peter Sikora gave the lesson on Charity. Dave Counts gave the lesson on Unity and Michael Gambone delivered the lesson on Fraternity. As part of the beautiful ceremony, the District Deputy, the Council's own Tom Scherch, presented each new Knight with a Rosary and invested them with the pin of the Knights of Columbus.

Another recruiting drive is scheduled for April 20 and 21.

Photos provided by Francis Vallencourt, Council photographer.


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