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Vocation Chalice Transfer restarts at Corporate Communion Mass

The pandemic put a stop to the Council's Vocation Chalice Transfer. The program is meant to foster prayer for vocations from our parish, prayed by our parish. At the selected Mass on the last Sunday of the month, the chalice, seen here, is handed off after Mass to one of the parish's neighborhood prayer groups. The chalice spends a few days in each household, where they set aside time to pray for vocations. The chalice is then passed on to another neighborhood family in like fashion, until month end.

The Mass was celebrated by former parish priest Fr. Donal Sullivan. The St. Johns Neighborhood Community was the first recipient of the chalice. Brother Francis Vallencourt was the recipient who was handed the chalice by our Assembly's Faithful Navigator, Tom Scherch. Other communities interested in participating, should notify a member of the Council. Priests are the future of our Church.

The parish is blessed to have a seminarian who is well on his way to priesthood. Jacob Daul is a seminarian who the Council has support through their Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP). As part of the program, the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus in Connecticut will reimburse the Council $100 for each $500 contributed to a seminarian. Last year, we support four seminarians and this year we are increasing our effort to support five.

It is anticipated that we will give this chalice to Jacob Daul upon his ordination, the Council will procure another one and start the Chalice Transfer program with the new one.

The transfer took place at the Knights of Columbus Corporate Communion Mass. This is a Mass that has traditionally be celebrated on the fifth Sunday of months that have five Sundays. It is a time for brother Knights to show their solidarity to the parish and each other through the celebration of the Eucharist with one another.

Photos provided by Mardelle Wehby, Council photographer and historian.

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